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The Rules of Online Gaming

Posted on | September 26, 2009 | No Comments

Instead of posting the insightful article about how the Internet is NOT like socialism (see next weeks post), I thought I’d jot down what I’ve learned to be the fundamental Rules for Online Gaming.

I’m a gamer. Always have been. I fell out of the habit after a major addiction to Halo after the .com bust that resulted in a “lost month” to the game; since then I’ve purposely steered clear of WoW, Fallout, and the other RPGs I suspected would quickly awaken my addiction. A man’s gotta know his limitations.

But in my years of gaming, be it Starcraft or Quake 3, Halo or Team Fortress 2, I’ve seen the unwritten rules for online gaming behavior coalesce. And after recently spending 2 months of nights and weekend playing TF2, I’ve discovered these truths:

A few Rules on Online Gaming

  1. No spawn camping. If you spawn camp, it’s like you’re waiting by the door with a brick to club people as they come in to play poker. Firing a few rounds into the respawn area is okay if you’re chasing somebody back to base, but don’t freaking make a home there.
  2. No team killing. It doesn’t happen that much anymore with Friendly Fire usually turned off, but when it does it is the most damn frustrating thing to deal with. You start shooting teammates in the back, and you spend the rest of the game on an annoying vendetta with each other.
  3. No talk spamming. You play some music, fine. If people complain, stop. But if you send out a banging non-stop stream of sound effects and screechy lines from movies, you’re gonna get your ass kicked (both off the server and by an entire team singling you out for death).
  4. Never, ever, ever use the “N” word. Or the “C” word either if a gamer girl is online. I like the Wild West that is the Collection of Tubes. It means freedom to behave as you want. But if you’re going to play with others, expect to behave in a civilized manner.


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